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Vancouver was blessed with an exceptional summer. Sunny, but not too hot, or not too cold. We've enjoyed our staying home, but in August we had a really nice trip throughout the world. While the excitement to seeing our families and friends kept us alert, and we were challenged by the different climate. For about two weeks we were facing a heat wave of 41C (105F). I've used that time to research what other types of fabrics may be helpful for cloth diapering, clothing, or nursery stuff.
We were able to bring you a new selection of breathable and absorbent fabrics that will complete the picture:
-          a soft and absorbent blend of bamboo and hemp, presented in fleece, and terry, that combines the benefits of both fibers
-          a combination of bamboo fleece & PUL, in the form of laminated bamboo fleece, which makes diapering so much easier, with the waterproof barrier right on the jersey side of the fleece
-          windpro microfiber fleece, perfect for the absorbent layers
As well, we've added some stripes to our jersey selection
-          striped bamboo jersey, in Emerald, and latte
-          striped hemp jersey, in black and white.
In the mean time, we've started to work with a new supplier for getting the bamboo muslin.

I hope you will like these new additions, and you will take advantage of the introductory 10% off. The offer is valid till October 29, and cannot be combined with other promotion. Use code fall10, for the fabrics in the Sale/Clearance section.
Happy fall!


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