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Sustainability has become a major concern in today's world, as the depletion of natural resources and the increasing environmental problems are threatening our planet's future. The fashion industry is one of the most significant contributors to these problems, but there is a growing trend towards sustainability in the fashion industry, which includes the use of sustainable fabrics. Sustainable fabrics are textiles that are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. They are made from natural or synthetic fibers that are either grown organically or recycled from existing materials. These fabrics are designed to reduce the environmental impact of the...

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    Greetings!   Vancouver was blessed with an exceptional summer. Sunny, but not too hot, or not too cold. We've enjoyed our staying home, but in August we had a really nice trip throughout the world. While the excitement to seeing our families and friends kept us alert, and we were challenged by the different climate. For about two weeks we were facing a heat wave of 41C (105F). I've used that time to research what other types of fabrics may be helpful for cloth diapering, clothing, or nursery stuff. We were able to bring you a new selection of breathable and absorbent fabrics...

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7 easy steps to help your baby grow healthy    In our highly industrialized economy, agricultures treat the crops with pesticides, herbicides, and all sorts of fertilizers to get them grow faster, and free of insects, bacteria and molds.  However, these processes pose health risks to humans, especially young children. All pesticides have some level of toxicity, and children are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults. Learning how to reduce the exposure to such chemicals is vital to a healthy body: Use organic fabrics for your children’s clothes, bedding and diapers. If you prefer do make...

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