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Charcoal Bamboo Fleece Fabric by the Yard

The bamboo charcoal infused fiber use is an emerging trend in the fashion industry as manufacturers look to combine fashion with function.

The bamboo charcoal fleece fabric is created by heating bamboo at temperatures of 800 degrees and then the charcoal itself is processed and mixed in with bamboo yarns as part of the growing field of nanotechnology.  

This fleece fabric is made by heating bamboo fibers at high temperatures of 800-1000 degrees Celsius. Once the bamboo has been turned into charcoal it is grinded into a very fine dark powder.

Then the charcoal powder is blended with organic bamboo yarns and spin the blend into a bamboo charcoal yarn to create a textile with unique proprieties.

It's the best option of new natural fabric for taking care of the health of your skin.

Its textile attributes such as softness, durability, water resistance and breathability are enhanced with the use of nanotechnology.

This bamboo charcoal fleece is a soft‚ cuddly and warm knit fabric commonly used for nappy making and clothing especially hoodies and baby wear.

The charcoal process improves the fabric performance, and it doesn't show stains. It is an excellent choice for cloth diapers, as well as blankets and anything else you need to stay warm and fresh.

Below are some good reasons why you should use our bamboo organic cotton charcoal knit fabric

  • Gentle touch on sensitive skins – The charcoal fabric inhibits bacterial metabolism causing fewer allergic skin reactions than other fibers sterilized with antimicrobial agents.
  •  Absorption and deodorizing abilities – When coupled with bamboo charcoal, the highly porous structure of the bamboo fabric, not only it absorbs moisture, but also absorbs chemicals and toxins from your skin and the air. The Yarn is filled with fine pore paths of various sizes inside, producing extremely wide surface area with super strong absorption ability to absorb the harmful chemical material in air and to eliminate odor and humidity.
  • Far Infrared Radiation properties– Bamboo charcoal fibers and fabrics have the property of far-infrared radiation and have many health benefits. The far infrared rays emitted by these types of bamboo charcoal are able to penetrate through your skin, dislodge toxins hiding there and stimulate the water molecules in their path thus promoting a better blood circulation, increase cellular energy, and promote and improve body metabolism. 
  • Extra Durability– This Bamboo charcoal fabric is quick-drying and because the bamboo charcoal nano-particles embedded in the fabric rather than simply coated onto the surface, the fabric can be washed numerous times with no adverse effect on the charcoal qualities. It has an excellent water-resistance, natural long lasting durability.
  • Moisture and Thermal Regulation– Bamboo Charcoal filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes hence compared to other conventional fabric, it has better moisture absorption and ventilation. The fabric keeps you dry and comfortable on hot days. The highly porous nature of bamboo charcoal lets it act as an insulator against the cold while also retaining heat.  It can mildly release infrared ray. With thermal effect, it's able to preserve heat for temperature maintenance, to strengthen the blood circulation at the ends of human body, to promote metabolism and to provide life cultivation and health promotion effect.
  • Improves Your Health– The Bamboo Charcoal fiber contains potassium, calcium and other minerals, and the launch of negative ions is at a high level which is equivalent to the anion concentration of the outskirts, and this is beneficial for people’s health. An abundance of negative ions typically means that the air is fresher and cleaner. Negative ions occur naturally from evaporating water which could be the reason why you feel so great when you go to the ocean shore or visit a cascading waterfall. When Bamboo charcoal is blended with bamboo fibers, the negative ionic charge of bamboo charcoal attract odors and the excess moisture in the atmosphere, leaving you feeling refreshed after each use.
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Fabric– Bamboo Charcoal fiber effectively decomposes the micro-organisms attached to its surface and in the air around it.  Bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities. This charcoal knit fabric has resistance to the development of mold and mildew. In addition to being antibacterial bamboo charcoal is also antimicrobial. Antimicrobial fabrics kill microorganisms that could be present on your skin.


We are thrilled to be able to offer you an exceptional bamboo charcoal  fabric.

Buy with confidence this wonderful fleece fabric, Canada and US shipping locations to get your best shipping rates. 

Multiple yardages are available for sale. For more than five yards, we can't guarantee the fabric will be flawless.

*Discounts* for our Organic Bamboo Charcoal Fleece Fabric

For 10 yards or more of charcoal organic bamboo fleece, please visit our Wholesale page. 


Bamboo Charcoal Fleece Fabric Description

Fabric content: 50% bamboo charcoal 50% organic cotton 

Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex
Weight: 350 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 yard weights approx 520 grams (approx 18 oz)
Width: 150 cm (60")

Color: Grey
Sewing recommendations: ballpoint needle
This fabric will shrink. Please do your own testing prior to cutting, by washing in hot water and tumble dry.
Do not use softener or bleach; remove promptly from dryer when done.

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