Black Dintex Fleece | Waterproof Fleece Fabric by the Yard or Wholesale

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Black Dintex Fleece Back Softshell -Waterproof Breathable Fabric by the Yard

This windproof and waterproof fabric is breathable and feels lightweight, repels water while allowing water vapor to pass through. Wearing clothes from this material keep you cozy, dry, warm and comfortable.  This is all you need to brave the harshest days of wind, rain or snow.  

This softshell fleece is great for outwear, such as jackets, cloaks, ski pants, pet coats, as well can be used for cloth diapers and pads.  

Fabric blend:

Face: 94% Recycled Polyester, 6% Spandex;

Plant Based Durable Water Repellent (DWR) - NO PFAS (non-fluorinated)

Back: 100% Recycled Polyester

Weight: 320 gsm / 9.4 oz.sq yd
Width: 55" / 140 cm

Please note that the 7+ yards cuts may contain imperfections.


This waterproof dintex fleece fabric is comprised of 3 bonded layers: 

The outer layer of the fabric is strong and has the ability to stretch, giving you more flexibility during the cold weather outdoor activities.

The middle layer, DINTEX, blocks the wind and rain entirely while still allowing the skin to breathe and the outer layer of the fabric is comfortable against the skin. It won't make you sweat or make "swooshing sounds" while you walk. 

DINTEX fabric is a special membrane engineered with state of the art technology guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable from the inside to the outside. Suitable for all weather conditions, Dintex provides an impenetrable layer to prevent water and wind coming in, while keeping the highest level of breathability.

The inner layer is a light weight fleece which is perfect built in insulation.  

 The end result is not very bulky but would make for an incredibly warm and classy fabric perfect for outwear clothing.



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