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Cotton Velour Knit Fabric 

Similar to the bamboo velour, this organic cotton velour fabric is really soft and cuddly!

This is a great choice for organic, hypoallergenic, breathable and absorbent fabric!

Cloth diapers done with our organic bamboo velour fabric enable moms and babies to experience an amazing journey from infant to toddler.

You are going to sleep all nights long worry free of having to change diapers, the absorbency of this fabric is second to none.

Organic Cotton Velour Fabric characteristics

Your baby will be diaper rash free using an extremely delicate and soft, organic cotton velour fabric made from Oeko-Tex and Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo fibers.  

Cloth pads done from Organic Cotton Velour fabric enable women to experience protection against leaks, odor and wetness, keeping the skin dry and healthy while feeling comfortable wearing it.

We are offering you a fabric made from fibers tested for harmful chemicals, certified organic cotton fabric that have passed class 1 flammability testing, and are not treated with flame retardants.

 Its absorptive ability, its plushness and softness make it a popular fabric on the diapers and baby clothing market.

Even after several washes, it keeps its softness, lushness, absorbency and plushness. And it is luscious in every way.

Babies especially love the feel of this organic cotton velour against their skin.

As well, it takes dye very well, and with excellent results, being perfect for ice dye, tie die, or any other manual dye technique.

It is very durable fabric, tested to withstand 300+ washings, 100% eco-friendly material, super soft, breathable and flexible.

Multiple yard orders will be usually shipped as a single piece multiple yards long. . For more than 6 yards, we can't guarantee the fabric will be in one continuous piece.


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For 10+ yards, please visit our Wholesale Organic Cotton Velour Fabric Section


Cotton velour Fabric content & care:

Fabric content: 90% organic cotton, 10% polyester

Certified organic Control Union
Weight: 240 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 yard weights 400 grams (approx 13 oz)
Width: 180 cm (70")
Color: natural
Sewing recommendations: ball point needle

The fabric may shrink - please test a sample prior to cutting, in hot water and hot dry.

Do not use softener or bleach; remove promptly from dryer when done.


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