New Year with Good News

Happy New Year!
In order to ensure smoother operation, and to increase your satisfaction, we will make a few changes in our store:
  • As the Loonie continues to fall, and considering that we purchase the material in US Dollars, to avoid price increases, we will switch our store currency to USD, effective January 11, 2014. For our Canadian customers who prefer CAD, there is the option at checkout to be manually billed in CAD, at the official conversion rate;
  •  For a faster delivery, we’re planning to increase our frequency of shipping to the USA, and international. We are planning bi-weekly shipments: Tuesdays, and Fridays – please let us know your thoughts! 
  • To reward our loyal customers, by the end of the month we will launch a subscription based orders, as well as quantity discounts, stay tuned! 
  • And some not-so-great-news: Canada Post and USPS announced a small increase of shipping price, which will be reflected in our store, as well. 
  • Don’t forget to check our new collection of colorful fleece, now on sale, for just $3.99/yard! 
Last, but not least: our popular bamboo fleece is expected to be back next week! Yay!!!
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