Bamboo fleece fabric

Welcome to our organic bamboo cotton fleece fabric section! Please note the price chance, effective Dec 4th.

Cloth diapers done with our organic bamboo fleece fabric enable moms and babies to experience an amazing journey from infant to toddler.

You are going to sleep all nights long worry free of having to change diapers, the absorbency of this fabric is second to none.

Your baby will be diaper rash free using an extremely delicate and soft, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial fabric made from Oeko-Tex and Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo fibers.

These soft and absorbent bamboo cotton fabrics are amazingly supple and buttery soft, with a fabulous drape.

We have always in stock for you the popular organic bamboo fleece 260-280 GSM (OBF), heavy fleece fabric 400 GSM (HOBF) and super heavy fleece fabric 500 GSM (SHOBF).

We also offer the organic bamboo cotton charcoal fleece and stretch fleece fabric, black or natural color.

Enjoy shopping natural and organic fleece!