Hemp Fabrics Fleece, Velour and Terry by the yard

Hemp fabrics: blended fleece, velour  and terry.

Hemp fabrics are becoming popular in recent years.

These fabrics are sustainable, durable, and versatile, being a top choice for many people’s sewing projects.

Hemp fibers are natural, made from the stem of the hemp plant. Hemp does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow. Hemp requires less water and land, becoming an eco-friendly alternative to cotton.

These hemp fabrics have a great texture and drape beautifully. Hemp organic cotton blend is a fabric soft, breathable and durable. Hemp bamboo blend is more sustainable and has moisture-wicking properties.

Fabrics are free of harmful chemicals, recommended for a sensitive skin.

Hemp fleece fabric is a warm option for outerwear, diapers and blankets.

Hemp terry fabric and hemp velour are highly absorbents and durable. Ideal for cloth diapers.

Hemp jersey fabric is breathable and comfortable, soft, durable and antibacterial.

We have an option for any project. Just give it a try and experience its benefits. You won’t be disappointed.