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Are you looking for the perfect organic fabric for soft and sustainable clothing,  or absorbent materials for cloth diapers?

Here, at Kinderel Organic Fabrics, you came in the right place! We are a reliable, fast fulfillment organic fabric supplier. We offer wholesale fabric or by the yard, satisfaction guaranteed.

But don't take our word for it! Besides our online store, which you are surfing right now, and it is our main selling channel, we are using other platforms, such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon on Vancouver Bamboo's account.

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Either if you are small or large business, co-op, eco-conscious parent, or just having interest in using natural fibers, then search no more! You'll find the best deals on eco friendly fabric by the yard, mini bolts (10 or 20 yards) or full bolts (30 to 60 yards).

Buy with confidence and worry free, if you have any reason to not be 100% satisfied by our products, return the fabric in 30 days and get money back, guaranteed!

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Why is important to use natural products close to the skin?

Skin is the largest organ and there is a continuous process of exchange of substances, as the skin is “breathing” through the pores. Therefore, and all we put on the skin gets absorbed into our body, and all what we release gets absorbed into clothing. Either we use lotions filled with preservatives, or additives or by wearing clothing which may have embedded chemicals, they are releasing harmful products, that later on are blended in our system.

The bamboo fabrics, well known for their extreme softness, cashmere like feeling, are far the best:

Highly absorbent, "wicks” moisture away from the skin, keeping the body drier and comfortable; 

Natural antibacterial, due to the “bamboo kun", prevents bacterial growth and odor;

The round shape of the fiber makes it ideal when dealing with skin allergies, sensitive skin or eczema;

Thermal regulator: newborns have a hard time regulating body temperature; bamboo fabrics keeps baby warmer in cool weather, and a few degrees cooler in hot weather.

The Hemp fabric is made from cannabis sativa fiber or industrial hemp.

The hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years in clothing. It has a longer, stronger fiber than most plant fibers on the planet, being eight times stronger than cotton, producing an exceptionally durable, long lasting fabric. 

Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. They prove to be naturally resistant to bacteria and able to kill strains of staph on its surface.

Hemp has the look of classic linen and will soften with age and with each washing.


Our bamboo, organic cotton and hemp fabrics are focused to serve you to make amazing items that have the most impact on babies, children and adults' health.

Knitted mostly on high speed circular knitting machines, to bring you high quality and reliable fabrics for any sewing project.  

We believe Kinderel organic fabrics are the natural and safe choice when it comes to dressing your baby and your family.

Our fabrics are carefully handpicked and we offer for sale only those made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard and/or GOTS and Control, Union certified yarns/ fibers.

We have done our own background research in order to find the perfect safe, `green` fabric to use in your clothing range, and, in addition, the most popular fabrics had been tested and meet the CPSIA flammability requirements for children clothing, as well lead and phthalates.    

  • I buy bamboo fleece regularly for diapers, but its soooooo soft and fluffy, I sometimes find my kids wrapped up in uncut pieces of it, fresh out of the dryer. Alicia S.

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  • On my first dye, I got much brighter colours than previous fabric bought. Lavinia

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  • The natural is a gorgeous cream colour and it takes dye beautifully. Kathryn

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  • So soft and so comfortable! i use this fabric for underwear, bra tops, tees, lounge pants, baby clothes and more. Picks up natural dye processes nicely as well. Big fan of Kinderel and their fabric choices. Maddie

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