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High Quality  Organic Bamboo Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric by the Yard  - OBF 265 GSM

This bamboo sweatshirt fleece fabric has a luxurious aesthetic, making it an ideal option for baby blankets, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, pants, and anything else that needs to keep you warm. 

The bamboo cotton fleece is renowned for its use in cloth diapering (for nappy liners, boosters and inserts), wipes, cloth pads, nursing pads and for lining hats, coats or booties. Furthermore, it is really comfortable to be worn against the skin and can be layers for extra absorbency. 

Bamboo fleece fabric is also a breathable and thermal regulating product and can also be used in customized DIY projects, as it takes the dye exceptionally.

Organic Bamboo Fleece Fabric Description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon 30% organic cotton
Weight: 265 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 420 grams (15 oz)
Width: 174 cm (68"), tubular, or open width.

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For 8, 10 yards of more of organic bamboo fleece knit fabric, please visit our Wholesale page.

Bamboo Fleece Fabric - Quality Characteristics

We offer a bamboo fleece fabric made from fibers that have passed class 1 flammability testing, free of flame retardants.  

The bamboo yarns had been certified by Standard 100 Oeko-tex, which is the highest international standard, designed for infant textiles that come in contact with skin, certifying that the fabric is free of harmful substances.

The cotton fabric is tested by Control Union and/or GOTS.

This unbleached, undyed, natural colored knit fabric is incredibly soft absorbent. Its two sides - one flat and smooth, the other fuzzy - ensure effortless sewing and superior comfort. Buttery soft and boasting a fabulous drape, both sides can be used as the right side, depending on preference.  

Our customers praise this material for its softness and absorbency. Furthermore, many of them noticed  that diaper rashes disappear after switching from disposable diapers to bamboo cotton fabric diapers.  

This high quality fleece material, is sold by the yard. Our fabric online store has the best online offer for retail and 8-10 yards, one of the best for full bolts for this fleece fabric.

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