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Our VIP Program to You - Best Wholesale Fabric Offer on the Market


Materials availability is important for any manufacturer. Running out of raw materials most of the time means losing sales of the items you can’t produce.

But carrying too much materials, not needed in the near future, will hurt your cash flow, blocking money in slow movers and having to make extra spending to buy materials you need right away.

 A healthy cash flow can be obtained and maintained by keeping low inventory on hand and having high inventory turn (the frequency you are able to buy the fabric needed with the same money calculated per year).

How frequent you need to buy and how much yardage you need for your products varies from case to case, but it has a clear dependency on the time your supplier needs to replenish your stock and your daily fabric consumption.

Being a manufacturer or a store owner, your only reason stopping you in making more sales should be the flow of clients, nothing else. An easy way to increase sales is to increase the number of products offered for sale.

For example, if you have a successful cloth diaper made from bamboo fleece, you may want to try to promote the same product made from hemp-cotton fleece, or hemp – bamboo fleece, or even 100% organic cotton fleece. Or, depends on what qualities are you looking for, you may decide to make it from loop terry or French terry, or velour. Therefore, besides your best seller made from bamboo fleece, you can offer up to a dozen of other similar types of products.

The quality of the raw material is a key component of your business success. While your workmanship is essential to create great products, what is behind (raw material, components) are as important.

Below is how our business, Kinderel fabrics is trying to fulfill the needs of its clients:


The wholesale part of the business has the main focus on having the fabrics almost always available and shipping the orders as fast as possible, so the clients will have to carry the lowest amount on inventory while having the piece of mind of fabric availability. All Canadian orders of 10 or more yards of the same fabric will be shipped in the next 24 hours. All US orders of 10 or more yards of the same fabric will be shipped three times a week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) from Washington State.

This fast fulfillment of the orders will help your business to minimize the fabric stock you have to carry. Most of our orders are shipped as expedited orders (in Canada) or Priority Mail (in the US), meaning that, once you place your order, in maximum 7 days you’ll get your fabric, no matter where you are located in US or Canada. So you’ll need to have with you as little as 7 days worth of material inventory you need for your production until you’ll get replenished with fabric.


For bamboo organic cotton fleece, bamboo organic velour, bamboo double loop terry, bamboo French terry, black bamboo stretch jersey, hemp organic fleece, we offer the following deal: once you become a regular customer (from 5th sale), we can guarantee that we will have available for you, ready to ship anytime, the last order’s quantity or the last 30 days quantity you have order from us, whichever is higher. We gladly carry higher inventory, only to ensure that our selected clients have peace of mind regarding fabrics availability.

In the unlikely case we are not able to fulfill your order, we will offer you an extra $1/yard discount for the quantity we couldn’t sent on your next order.

If you want to explore other type of fabrics for your products, to be able to expand your offer, we can offer you those materials with the same discount you buy your preferred fabric from us, even if the quantity is much smaller.

Our best deals are for full bolts/ rolls. But, as long as you buy a total of 45 yards a month, you will get the bolt discount, no matter what types of materials you bought.

Our fabrics are produced in highly performance factories in China, and their quality are backed by thousands of happy clients, who left amazing reviews on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, as well on our website, Kinderel Organic Fabrics.

You can find the info here, and for our website, just scroll through the products.

Why did we choose to import them from China, while some manufacturers are doing them in US and Canada?

 1 The lead time: while buying one type of fabric in North America, the lead time is comparable, once you order like us 40-50 different types, the time gets longer than our Chinese vendor. Being at the Pacific coast, once they were custom cleared, we got them next day

2. Quality of material.

The production facilities are equipped with high performance knitting machines, as well as quality inspectors and machine operators, which monitor the manufacturing process and the fabric output. Their knitting machines have top tension and stop motion devices for smooth production: If the yarn has a larger knot, these devices cause machine to stop. For smaller knots, machine will slow down at specified knot detection speed for a couple of courses, then will resume at previous set speed. If a yarn breaks, or any program error, the machine will be stopped by the stop motion device, inspected by the machine operator or by a QC inspector and production resumes usually with minimal or no fabric damage.

3. No matter where the fabric is produced (knitted), the bamboo raw material (fiber or yarn) is produced in China. Our vendor is replacing the equipment regularly, the oldest knitting machine having 7 years old, which I cannot say it happens with the fabric suppliers I was in contact here in North America. Their knitting machine use world class motors and needles (produced by Japanese or German manufacturers), offering a much better productivity and help them to reduce costs.

 4. Price of fabric imported, after paying brokerage fees and taxes are still at least 35% cheaper than quotes received from North American fabric vendors.

Those are the main reasons we choose to import our fabrics from China, but we are looking once in a while what deals are North American vendors offering, so sometimes you can see on sale on our website also Canadian fabrics.

Up to 6 yards of any fabric, we offer 100% flawless fabric.

For 10 or 20 yards of fabric we can’t guarantee flawless material, but we will add, if possible, an extra half yard for two defects or one testing hole (which is done for every bolt; industry requirements).

For full bolts, we open them to check if it's the right material, we weight them to estimate if the yardage is correct. We buy the fabrics based on their weight.

We don’t want to start a price war with our competition, but we are firm believers that the volume should dictate the discounts. If you decide to become our client, we will be monitoring your order history on a 6 month basis. We offer the following discounts:

  • additional 2% off for a quantity between 150 to 249 yards ordered in 6 months;
  • additional 5% off for a quantity between 250 to 499 yards ordered in six months;
  • additional 10% off for a quantity larger than 500 yards ordered in six months.

Once your history records shows that you bought over 700 yards of fabric from us, we offer you the option that for one bolt of fabric you can pay in 15 days (NET 15). The price will be about 10% higher than earned discount and it is entirely up to you to decide if the benefit of paying later suit your business needs.

 If you want a sample of any of our fabric, I will gladly send up to three small swatches, so you can see and test our products. Just let me know your mailing address and I will send the sample to you.

 If you have any questions, you can reply to my message, or shoot me an email at or just call me at 1-778-323-2229.



Liana & the Kinderel Team