An Easy Way to Save Energy

Energy is precious. Not only that we have to pay for using it, but also is takes a lot of resources to be produced, and it also generates waste. 

One of my goals for this year is to cut down waste. I started with babysteps, by reducing energy consumption. I’ve made a quick inventory of all electrical appliances, and it wasn’t very hard to find out the leader in energy usage: the dryer.


I’ve started to look into ecological option, and I’ve came across wool dryer balls. So a little project just kicked in:

-          I’ve got a high quality pile of wool roving, about 4 oz, from a local shepherd


-          I've split the roving in four parts, as equal as possible, using a scale, and I've tried to form strips, as long and thin as possible

-          I've stated to wrap the strip of roving tightly around my fingers, changing the direction,  until I’ve finished the small pile

-          I've put the un-felted ball into a sock, tightly tied at the end


-          I’ve thrown the ball in the washer with laundry, with hot water, and then dry it with the regular load; the hotter the temperature, the better it felts

-          Ta-ta: the woolies were almost done. I've repeated the washing/drying steps, and they were perfect.



When came to see the work that the woolies can do, I was quite surprised to find out that the drying time was cut down by abut 25%!!!!

I used to dry together two three quarters of load in about 90-95 minutes, and now, with 4 wool dryer balls I was down to about 70-75 minutes.

Can’t wait to see my new hydro bill :)


It’s easy, fun, and you can do it, too!


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