5 Tiny Secrets That Will Save Your Budget - When You Are Having a Baby

Why waste, when you can save, AND be healthier?
Did you know that having a baby implies a serious investment? Studies had shown that by the time the child graduated high school, parents spend in average $250,000!
You can start to cut down that huge expense, by making some easy changes in early stages:
1. Avoid disposables
From diapers to wipes, these products not only are loaded with harmful chemicals, but will drain approximately $3000 from your pocket. By using cloth diapers and wipes, you can cut that down to about quarter. Your baby will thank you not just $ wise, but for our care to our landfill, too!
2. Buy quality products
While the imported clothing in supermarkets are slightly cheaper, due to the long supply chain involving import-export, the actual value of the product is a fraction of the cost. This translates in cheap materials and questionable quality.
Buying products manufactured locally gives you confidence in the quality of your goods. As well you can be sure that they are manufactured in ethical conditions.
3. DIY
With a few yards of fabric, and basic sewing skills,
you’ll be able to save even more, by making your own bed-sheets, diapers or wipes
4. Real food
Instead of bottled food, learn how to prepare nutritious and safe baby food. With less dollars, your child will get used with the taste of the home-made food, fresh and delicious!
5. Be selective
Buy the basics, and don’t overload your home with too much stuff – especially stuffies, toys and clothes. You won’t have the chance to use them all, plus, you’ll get lots of gifts for your little bundle of joy!
Always consider baby’s safety first. Ensure that all what you make and use is safe, and won’t harm the baby – such as a pin in the diaper!

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