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Who else would like to protect your baby from pesticides?

7 easy steps to help your baby grow healthy


 In our highly industrialized economy, agricultures treat the crops with pesticides, herbicides, and all sorts of fertilizers to get them grow faster, and free of insects, bacteria and molds. 

However, these processes pose health risks to humans, especially young children. All pesticides have some level of toxicity, and children are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults.

Learning how to reduce the exposure to such chemicals is vital to a healthy body:

  • Use organic fabrics for your children’s clothes, bedding and diapers. If you prefer do make your own baby wear, check our selection of bamboo, organic cotton, or hemp fabrics.
  • Avoid food that was made from products exposed to pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers; this means the majority, but you may limit to the selection to the most dangerous dozen. Email us now if you want to receive the list of the most contaminated fruits and veggies.
  • Wash your produce thoroughly, even if it’s organic, as may contain bacteria
  • Be extremely selective when using pest controls. There are available a lot of less toxic alternatives, such as: hot, soapy water for ants, boric acid  for cockroaches, or  eucalyptus oil for flies.
  • Wash your children’s hands after playing outdoors
  • Clean thoroughly the bottles and pacifiers if they were dropped “just” on the grass
  • Encourage good habits such as taking shoes off at the door.

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