Father's Day -

For Dad

 Greetings everyone,

Father’s day. Another opportunity to celebrate our loved ones.
This year, Father’s day has another meaning for me. My Dad passed away a few weeks ago, and this time I will just remember all the good thinks he used to teach us. As a child I remember all those nice  trips he used to organize, the love for nature and horses he instilled, and the respect that we owe to us and those surrounding us. I’ve learned to not be afraid to work too much, and to dare to be happy. He thought us to make use of every moment, and enjoy life with all good and bad things.

Therefore, for all of you, who still have your Father around, treasure every moment you spend with him! And for those who had lost their Father, take this time to refresh all those wonderful memories!

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Happy Father's Day!

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  • Daiana

    “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD…”

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