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Towel Fabric by the Yard

Towels made from our luxurious bamboo organic cotton towel material will enable you and your family to experience an amazing silky feeling after every bath taken.

Toweling Fabric Description

If you’re looking for a more luxurious feel and a cost-effective solution, you’re bound to find it right here. 

For a luxurious, silky feel and appearance, our organic bamboo toweling fabric is made from certified oeko-tex bamboo long stable fibers for more durability and enhanced absorbency.  

Bamboo terry towel fabric also have double stitching to reduce fraying.

They are extremely absorbent, while still having an amazing softness.

The fibers are GOTS certified to ensure the towel fabrics are free of pesticides and chemicals throughout the production process.

It feels sturdy, yet it is incredibly soft.

Bamboo towels or bath mats made from this fabric resist fading and shrinkage, keeping their shape and remaining pleasant to use.

It dries much faster than an ordinary towel.

Organic bamboo towels are up to 400% more absorbent than cotton.

With one gentle pat of towel, your body will be much drier. They amazingly seem to stay fresh longer, which is always a plus in the bathroom.

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacteria from growing in moist towels, and being so absorbent, there's no need to rub your skin and cause irritation. 

This is one of the main reasons why people with sensitive skin love using bamboo towels.

This super soaker toweling fabric can be used on its own, not as an interlining and provides greater retention, superior hold, faster distribution of moisture and less leaking under compression.

Bamboo fibers used for this towel material are able to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals.

This fabric is a high quality towel material, it has washable durability, giving you extremely soft feel, resisting piling and shrinkage.

Due to its absorption qualities, bamboo terry towel fabric has become the most popular fabric for nappy making.

This  terry towel fabric is also used in bedding and clothing as it is more absorbent than cotton but dries just as quickly.   

The versatility of the bamboo fabric makes it an excellent choice for clothing, baby and toweling products.

Another plus of choosing bamboo is that the textile qualities of bamboo fabric are remarkable. The smooth material made from the cellulose of bamboo is extremely soft, silky, absorbent, and breathable. It is a real pleasure for the skin.

 Bamboo is a great choice for people who value quality and eco-friendly products. The environmental impact of producing bamboo textiles is low.

These bamboo towels also resist shrinkage, keeping their shape and remaining pleasant to use....No wonder our customers absolutely love them!


 * Discounts* for bamboo towel fabric

For 10+ yards please check the bamboo towel wholesale section.


Towel Material Description

Fabric content: 90% bamboo rayon, 10% polyester
Made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard bamboo yarns on high efficiency knitting machines.

Weight: 360 GSM (grams per square meter), 500 grams (about 18 oz) per linear yard
Width: 60" (154 cm)
Color: natural, un-dyed and unbleached

The fabric will have little shrinkage, please test a sample in hot water and hot dry;

Wash it on the delicate cycle. Don't use a detergent with brightening agents, and avoid using fabric conditioner as it can reduce absorbency. Dry on the line or tumble dry on a low heat. Remove promptly from dryer when done.


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