Bamboo Cotton Interlock Fabric by the Yard - Double Jersey Fabric

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Bamboo Organic Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric 

This bamboo interlock knit fabric provides a soft, firm and absorbent texture. Its double jersey knit construction results in a dense, full and reversible fabric, with identical front and rear surfaces. It is a versatile double jersey fabric. 

Made of 70% bamboo fibers and 30% organic cotton, it's ideal to create attractive apparel and fashion accessories. This luxurious knit interlock fabric has a silky feel and is versatile across various projects and can be used with other decorative fabrics and trims for an enhanced visual appeal. It is great for t-shirts, crewnecks, dresses, baby clothes, as well as blankets, washcloths, handkerchiefs, dish cloths or bedding. 

Bamboo Cotton Interlock Knit Fabric Description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% organic cotton

Weight: 220 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 375 grams (14 oz)
Width: 68"
Color:: natural, unbleached and undyed 
Made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard & Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo yarns on high efficiency knitting machines.

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Bamboo Cotton Interlock Fabric Characteristics

This interlock fabric, known also as double knit jersey, is known for its tight knit, giving a smooth surface and a fine hand. The fabric is extremely soft, absorbent and firm. It offers excellent dimensional stability and shape retention. and provides superior heat insulation due to the layer of air between the front and rear surfaces. It also boasts a heavier weight and greater resilience comparing to jerseys. The edges don't curl, therefore it is very easy to work with. Any clothing made from this bamboo interlock has been appreciated by the clients for their lasting properties. 

Our bamboo interlock is manufactured in eco-friendly, modern, CPSIA compliant and made from OEKO certified bamboo fibers and organic cotton yarns that passes tests for harmful chemicals.

It takes dye well, making it a perfect choice for your unique projects. 

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