Green Moss Bamboo Cotton Stretch French Terry by the Yard or Wholesale

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Moss bamboo organic cotton stretch french terry fabric 

Experience the luxurious texture of this Green Moss Bamboo Cotton Stretch French Terry!  This knit fabric is similar to jersey, with a smooth and flat front and looped back. Incorporating spandex adds infinite possibilities to your apparel.

Our medium weight four way stretch French terry fabric is perfect for tops, dresses, leggings, loungewear, sweaters, hoodies or sweatpants. It is also commonly used in cloth diapering as stretchy flats. One of the most notable attributes is absorbency, making it an ideal choice for sportswear.


Bamboo stretch French terry fabric description

Fabric content: 67% bamboo rayon 28% cotton 5% Spandex

Weight: 280 GSM; 1 linear yard weights about 450 grams (16 oz)
Width: 165 cm (65")

Please note that, as much as we've tried to picture the color, the actual tone might be different. Feel free to ask for a sample. 

Bamboo stretch French terry characteristics

This fabric boasts the luxuriously soft and high-quality feel of the bamboo blend stretch french terry. Its breathability,  ultra absorbent and natural antibacterial properties make it ideal for cloth diapers and flat diapers. As a round and porous yarn, it offers year-round comfort and moisture wicking abilities. Additionally, it serves as a thermal regulator, promoting breathability and hypoallergenic properties. 

Discover the versatility of this fabric, and you may even come across it in your current wardrobe.   With our 30 yards hassle free returning policy, there is no risk in trying it out!

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