Heather Orchid Bamboo Stretch Jersey Fabric, by the Yard or Wholesale

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Bamboo Cotton Stretch Jersey  Fabric Heather Orchid or Rose Brown

Know also as rose brown fabric, this jersey fabric is a very silky four way stretch knit fabric that has a smooth and luxurious touch.

Being a medium weight knit fabric, it is suitable for a variety of clothing items, including tops, dresses, t-shirts, loungewear, leggings, yoga pants, underwear or baby clothes. It also works well for cloth diapers flats or blankets. 

Description of heather orchid fabric, bamboo cotton stretch jersey

Fabric content: 66% bamboo rayon, 28% cotton, 6% spandex
Certified OEKO-Tex 100 Standard 
Weight: Weight: 200 GSM (5.9 oz/sq yd); one linear yard weights about 300 grams (10.6 oz)
Width: 60"

Please note that although we've done our best to illustrate the color, the actual tone might be slightly different. Feel free to request a sample. Order with confidence with our easy, no hassle return policy.

Bamboo cotton stretch jersey characteristics

Our bamboo stretch jersey products provide a delicate, luxurious feel, while being naturally antibacterial, and provides UV rays protection.

This material from our exquisite collection has a medium weight and it drapes beautifully. Bamboo is the perfect option for all-weather garments grace to its microporous construction, which provides breathability and thermal regulation.

The strength of bamboo adds to the durability of the products and are ideal for those who are allergic or sensitive to other fibers. After many washes and use, the bamboo jersey products still keep their softness. It is easy to wash and dry, and product last longer, maintaining its properties after several washes.

Being an extremely versatile knit, the jersey works well for most knit sewing patterns. is suitable for a variety of garments, particularly those that require added drape, such as dresses or trousers, or for providing comfort and flexibility, such as children clothing and workout wear.

For more than 6 yards, we can't guarantee the fabric will be in one continuous piece or without small defects.

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