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Bamboo Cotton Heavy Velour Knit Fabric Wholesale: 9 Yards Rolls or full Bolts

Our unbleached, natural ivory color heavy velour fabric is known for being super soft, breathable, silky and durable. It weights 340 GSM and is boasting exceptional absorbency. Its plushness and softness make it a top choice for cloth diapers on the market.

This amazing velvet on a knit base is a great choice for cloth diapers, wipes, children and adult loungewear, mama pads, nursing pads, bed sheets or blankets. 

This fabric is undyed, and unbleached, takes dye well.

Heavy organic bamboo velour fabric description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 25% organic cotton, 5% polyester

Certified organic OEKO-Tex Standard 100
Weight: 340 GSM (grams per square meter)  10 oz/sq yd.
1 yard weights approx 450 grams (16 oz)
Width: 60"
Color: natural, unbleached and un-dyed 


*Discounts* wholesale HOBV fabric


9-10 yards  11.45
full bolt 10.45

Heavy organic bamboo velour fabric characteristics

    Constructed form premium quality bamboo fibers, blended with organic cotton,, this heavy weight velour knit offers superior levels of absorbency antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal choice for newborns delicate skin. This is a fuller version of our popular bamboo velour, providing a plush and luxurious texture, perfect for snuggling. 

    This organic bamboo velour does not contain harsh chemicals and finishes. It is not bleached with Dioxin, does not contain Sodium Poly-acrylate (the absorbent gelling material), and remains highly absorbent, offering superior protection for babies' skin. Additionally, it meets the stringent standards by the US Consumer Products Safety Commissions (CPSIA) on flammability, lead and phthalates. 

    Our absorbent bamboo knit velour is produced on high efficiency knitting machines, using OEKO-Tex certified fibers and world class motors and needles (produced by Japanese or German manufacturers).

    Our fabric’s quality is backed by thousands of happy clients which left meaningful reviews on Etsy, Ebay & Amazon, as well on our website, Kinderel Organic Fabrics.

    For 10 or 20 yards of fabric we can’t guarantee flawless material, but we will add, whenever possible, an extra half yard for two defects or one quality testing hole (which is textile industry requirements).

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