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Wholesale Natural Bamboo Hemp Stretch French Terry Knit Fabric 

This four way stretch fabric boasts a smooth, jersey-like side, and a wavy side, with flat small loops. Experience the perfect combination of bamboo and hemp fibers, being incredibly soft and absorbent. Unlike the hemp/organic cotton fabrics, this material does not have a distinctive hemp scent.

Trust in our expertise and choose this fabric for a luxurious and functional addition to your wardrobe, from sportswear, such as sweatpants, hoodies or leggings, to dresses, skirts and tunics. In addition, this material is a must have for your baby's cloth diapering stash, being ideal for stretchy flats. 

Stretch bamboo hemp terry description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon25% hemp , 5% spandex

Weight: 300 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 430  grams (15 oz) 
Width: 157 cm (62")
Color: Natural, unbleached and un-dyed

* Discounts* stretch bamboo hemp terry wholesale

8-10 yards..............$ 11.95/yard
full bolts ................$ 10.95/yard

Bamboo hemp stretch French terry characteristics

Both components of the fiber are extremely absorbent, hypoallergenic, and naturally antibacterial. Furthermore, they naturally block the UV rays, while being more durable than other fibers . 

The fabric is medium weight, but it had a nice drape and feels very comfortable. It can be worn year round, as the bamboo is thermal regulating, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

We offer you an unbleached, natural off white, incredible stretch hemp bamboo fabric. If you prefer to add some color, it can be easily dyed. 

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