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Hemp Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric

This hemp jersey fabric is almost everything we wanted it to be, light, consistent, sturdy, and very naturally fresh looking all the while washing really well.  

Hemp cotton jersey knit is strong, durable, absorbent and naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet radiation. This medium weight jersey fabric is perfect for t-shirts, tunics, dresses, or pants, as well as children's apparel or loungewear.  Note that it has a bit raw and rough texture. 

Hemp cotton jersey description

Fabric content: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton,
Weight: 220 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 290 grams (10.6 oz)
Width: 146 cm (56") - tubular, when is cut open

Discounts for hemp organic cotton jersey fabric

10 + yards.............$ 8.95/yard
Full bolt..................$ 8.45/yard

Hemp cotton jersey characteristics

 We offer you a lightweight jersey knit with a natural raw look and soft fluid drape. This blend of hemp and certified organic cotton brings out the best of both fibers.

This hemp knit fabric has an elegant yet modern look. The dresses made from this hemp cotton fabric are perfect for every occasion and any season. The soft and sturdy hemp and organic cotton stretch jersey moves with the body and provides insulation and breathability to keep the wearer comfortable and warm throughout the day.

This hemp cotton jersey it will soften with washing. Similar look and feel to a linen knit. When choosing a pattern keep in mind that this fabric has a fairly low stretch percentage and no spandex content. 

Hemp is the most sustainable fiber on the planet.

It grows quickly, converting large amounts of CO2 into oxygen and cleaning the soil and waterways as it grows.

Naturally organic, it does not require pesticides, herbicide, fungicides, or insecticides to grow well, meaning it is good for the farmers, for the environment, and for us! In addition, it has powerfully positive effects on the environment where it is grown, and it can be used to make many premium performance products. 

Fabrics made with hemp fibers naturally have properties that synthetic engineered fabrics aim to achieve.  Hemp is 8 times more durable than cotton. It also holds its shape and stretches much less than other natural fibers.

Ideal for keeping your clothes from going baggy and shapeless, hemp fibers keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With every use your hemp dress or bag will soften overtime, amazingly without losing its strength characteristics.

Hemp’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties makes hemp clothing and accessories fantastic to use near water, for example beach towels, bags and dresses. Even if water gets in to the hemp fabric these properties keep the hemp fabric mold and odor free. 

The organic cotton used for this material is as well grown without the use of chemicals, being harvested and blended with the hemp, and creating a very valuable natural fiber.

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