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Microfleece Fabric Wholesale

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Cloth diapers and clothing done with our micro fleece fabric enable you to experience an amazing feeling of super soft, cozy and warm clothes against the skin at a cheaper price than natural fabrics.

At 200 GSM, the weight is just right, and the white microfleece fabric offered it's incredibly soft and fluffy! It puts the big box micro fleece offers to shame. Our diaper maker  microfiber fleece is premium, soft & dense and have great moisture wicking capability and can be used against the skin.

It is made with 100% micro fiber polyester yarns to provide an extremely soft, dense and durable surface and it is used widely for lining diapers. The face is finished to a dense fleece, the back is softly brushed.

This microfleece fabric is soft and quick dry white fleece, while wicking moisture away to give skin a stay-dry feeling.

It is made especially for cloth diapers, and wears well with lots of washing. Our fleece is meant for wicking.

This is the fabric you need for your stay dry layer on soakers, diaper linings, and the inside layer of pocket diapers; as well, great for mama pads or menstrual cloths.

It is super easy to sew, it cuts clean and it doesn't ravel.

The microfleece fabric washes up great, it is stain resistant, it keeps warm and holds no odor. You’ll be surprised how luxurious it would feel and whoever will try it will not want to take it off anymore!

Having a bit of stretch, our microfleece is an excellent choice for stay dry layer in liners or inserts for cloth diapers. The solid waste can be removed easily from its surface.

When this microfleece is used for clothing such as sweatshirts, pants, or hoodies it will keep you very warm even when the temps dropped down to single digits.

The wonderful liner fabric holds up really, really well and stays soft and fluffy after lots of washes. It is protecting baby’s skin, keeping the rashes at the bay.

 * Discounts* microfleece fabric wholesale from a reliable supplier


6 yards


10 yards 


full bolt 5.49

Micro fleece Fabric Description

Fabric content100% micro-polyester
Weight200 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 yard weights 300 grams (approx 11 oz)
Width: 152 cm (60")
Color: white.  some discoloration might be possible. 

Care: Unwashed fleece may not wick properly. Fleece can be sewn unwashed but wash the diaper before using. After washing will come out nice and fluffy.

The wicking action doesn't happen by just sprinkling water on - it needs compression to work. Microfleece needs to be pressed against the skin to wick. Machine wash warm, tumble dry.

Sewing recommendation: Use regular or universal needle; Sew diapers with polyester thread to prevent wicking. Sew your diaper so that the fuzzy side is against the skin.

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