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Organic Bamboo Velour Fabric by the Yard

Our bamboo velour fabric is one of the most popular fabricsIt is extremely soft, cuddly, and absorbent.

It is the ideal knit fabric for cloth diapers (especially for the outer or inner layer) lounge wear, sleep wear, children wear, cloth pads, children and adult clothing, mama pads, or bed sheets. and pillow covers or blankets.

Bamboo Velour Fabric Description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 25% organic cotton, 5% polyester

Weight: 265 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights approx 375 grams (13.6 oz)
Width: 59"
Color: natural, unbleached and undyed 
Made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard & Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo yarns on high efficiency knitting machines.

Sewing recommendations: use ballpoint needle to prevent breaking of the fibers. 

Care instructions:

This bamboo fabric will slightly shrink, it is recommended to pre-wash whole yardage at the setting that your finished stitched item will be washed.

Wash in warm water, do not use softener or bleach; remove promptly from dryer when done. Preferably hang dry. 


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For larger quantities, please check our  OBV  Wholesale listing.

Bamboo velour fabric benefits:

Cloth diapers that are constructed with our organic bamboo cotton velour fabric, allow mothers to have an easier journey in motherhood, and for babies to experience an comfortable transition from infant to toddler.

With using our bamboo velour fabric, you are guaranteed going to sleep all night long, free from the worry that you will have to wake up and change your baby’s diaper. The absorbency of this fabric is remarkable, and will ensure a good night’s sleep for you, and your baby.

Furthermore, your baby will be free from any diaper rash, as bamboo velour  is an incredibly delicate and soft fabric, with anti-bacterial properties and anti-microbial fabric, which is made from Oeko-Tex and Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo fibers.

Oeko-tex Standard 100 is the highest international standard, and it is intended for the use of infant products that touch or rub against the skin. It certifies that the fibers used in this fabric are free of all known harmful substances, so rest assured your baby will be cozy and snug.

Cloth pads which are made from Organic Bamboo Velour fabric, give women the opportunity to experience protection against leaks or odor. This fabric keeps the skin dry and healthy, whilst simultaneously feeling comfortable while wearing it.

This bamboo velour ships from Canada and US, to get the cheapest and quickest shipment method for your order. By checking the other online offers, you will see that we have the best bamboo velour deal in the market. The majority of the orders are shipped priority mail within one or two business days.

Organic Bamboo Velour Fabric Info:

At Kinderel Fabrics, we are offering you fabric made from fibers which are tested for harmful chemicals, and that have passed class 1 flammability testing, and are not treated with flame retardants. Additionally, these bamboo fabrics have passed the  lead testing requirements.

The luxurious bamboo organic cotton velour is unbleached, and its natural creamy color is super soft, breathable, silky, and durable. It weighs 265 GSM, and it contains an incredible absorptive ability. It possesses such plushness and softness, which is why it the best seller bamboo organic velour on the diaper market. Spoil your baby and yourself today, by purchasing this bamboo velour fabric.

Our bamboo velour OBV is a premium quality knit fabric, slightly stretchy, as it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, thermal regulating and very absorbent; which is perfect for a newborn's sensitive skin.

Furthermore, it takes dye very well. Using bamboo velour is optimal for ice dye, tie dye, or any other manual dying technique.

Multiple yard orders will be usually shipped as a single piece multiple yards long.


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