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High Quality  Organic Bamboo Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric by the Yard  - OBF 265 GSM

Cloth diapers made with our bamboo fleece fabric enable mothers and babies to experience an astonishing journey from infant to toddler.

This bamboo fleece looks so luscious, which makes it a great choice for projects such as a baby blankets, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, pants, and anything else that needs to keep you warm.

Bamboo cotton fleece material can be worn against the skin and could be layered for extra absorbency.

This is one of the greatest materials for diapers - nappy liners and boosters.

It quickly grabs the moisture and holds it, reducing the number of diaper changes during a day.

It is also an excellent fabric for wipes, cloth pads, nursing or cleansing pads, or lining hats and coats.

Bamboo fleece fabric is also a breathable and thermal regulating product and can also be used in customized DIY projects, as it takes the dye exceptionally.

You can now sleep all nights worry free of having to change diapers, due to the absorbency of this fabric.

Organic Bamboo Fleece Fabric Description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon 30% organic cotton
Weight: 265 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 420 grams (15 oz)
Width: 174 cm (68"), tubular, or open width.


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Bamboo Fleece Fabric - Quality Characteristics

We are offering you a bamboo fleece fabric made from fibers that have passed class 1 flammability testing, without being treated with any flame retardants.  

The bamboo yarns had been certified by Oeko-tex Standard 100, which is the highest international standard, designed for infant items that touch the skin, which certifies that the fibers used in this fabric are free of harmful substances.

The cotton fabric is tested by Control Union and/or GOTS.

This creamy, unbleached, undyed, natural colored,  super soft and absorbent knit fabric has a flat and smooth side, and a fuzzy side, making it effortless to sew and great to wear!

This fabric is amazingly supple and buttery soft, with a fabulous drape.

Either side can be used as the right side for construction, based on your personal preference.

You can take a look at our reviews and you’ll notice that soft and absorbent words are constantly repeated.

In addition, several reviews received state that baby rashes disappear when regular diapers are replaced by bamboo cotton fabric diapers.

This high quality fleece material, is sold by the yard. Our fabric online store has the best online offer for retail and 10 yards, one of the best for full bolts for this fleece fabric.


Bamboo fleece fabric sewing recommendations: use ballpoint needle to prevent breaking of the fibers. The material will not run, so the edges can be left without serging.

Care instructions: This bamboo fabric will shrink. Please do your own testing prior to cutting, by washing in hot water and tumble dry. 

Do not use softener or bleach; remove promptly from dryer when done. Preferably hang dry. Allow plenty of time to dry.


This bamboo fleece fabric will help on your sewing project

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