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Bamboo Jersey Fabric Natural Wholesale by the Roll

This Bamboo cotton jersey fabric is perfect for wear in every season, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its practical eco-friendly composition makes it soft and comfortable, and wicks away moisture while also naturally resisting bacteria and odors.

Bamboo jersey is ideal for sewing simple dresses, blouses, skirts and tunics, t-shirts, tank tops or beach cover-ups. It is also great for children wear, sportswear, casual and loungewear.

Fabric content: 100% Oeko - Tex certified bamboo rayon

Weight: 175 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights approx 295 grams (10 oz)
Width: 180 cm (70")


* Discounts* for 100% bamboo jersey knit fabric wholesale


10 yards  7.50
full bolt 6.95


Please note that the wholesale fabrics might contain test holes or other small imperfection, for which, whenever possible, we will add half yard. Please refer to the VIP Program for more details. 

 We Offer High Quality Bamboo Jersey Fabric

This bamboo jersey is produced without the use of harsh chemicals and finishes. it is produced on high efficiency knitting machines, using OEKO-Tex certified fibers and world class motors and needles (produced by Japanese or German manufacturers).

It is CPSIA and environmental compliant, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability, and it was not treated with any fire retardants.

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Bamboo fabric offers many advantages for comfort, including natural antimicrobial and UV protective properties, pleasant hand feel and smooth texture that is gentle on the skin, similar to silk. As well it presents natural odor resistance, high water absorbency and quick drying, due to the porous surface of the fibers, high durability, and wrinkle resistance. 

The strength of the bamboo fiber adds to the durability of the products and it is particularly beneficial for those who are allergic to other fibers, or have sensitive skin, sensitive skin, such as eczema or allergies. even after many washes and prolonged use, the bamboo jersey still maintains its softness.

We work hard to get these advantages for you when you buy our fabrics. And we deliver what you are expecting and even more!

We are pretty sure you’ll have a pleasant experience buying this 100% bamboo jersey fabric, just give it a try!

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