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Bamboo double loop terry Knit Fabric

is an amazing soft doubled sided loop terry knit fabric, ideal for products that require a sturdy and stretchy loop terry. Having loops on both sides, it will absorb liquids quickly while being very gently on the skin. This knit fabric’s texture is silky, absorbent and gives you a nice feeling when touching. The products made from bamboo double loop will stay soft with age and will be more durable than products made from cotton double loop terry. This knit fabric is slightly stretchy and dyes nicely. Maximum absorbency is reached after a few washes.

Bamboo double loop terry is made up of 70% viscose bamboo 28% organic cotton and 2% polyester, the poly yarn is used to lock the loops for durability purposes. The density of the loops on both sides will increase the softness and absorbency, even if it’s thinner than regular bath towels.

This silky, absorbent knit fabric is very popular for nappies, wipes, diapers, wash cloths, blankets, towels, bibs, or whatever items that need a thirsty fabric. Bamboo double loop terry is a great choice to have close to the skin an extremely soft, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, free of pesticide knit fabric.

Our organic fabrics use the best bamboo and certified organic cotton fibers, OEKO certified for harmful chemicals. They also passed flammability testing according to CPSIA. They are durable and resilient, increasing the life of the products made from this fabric.

Any natural fiber knit fabric may have small nonconformities like holes, runs, etc. due to small glitches in their manufacturing processes. We offer unopened rolls direct from the factory. The fabrics are measured on equipment that stretches the bolts of fabric, therefore there may be a +/- 10% variation comparing to the loose yardage measurements. Some rolls may contain sampling holes, for quality control tests, and the usable yardage is considered at least 95%. For your peace of mind we post bolts quantities between one and two yards less than we purchased from our vendors.

 If you have any questions regarding the purchasing of full bolts of fabric, please contact us prior to placing the order.


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Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 28% organic cotton 2% polyester
Certified organic Oeko-tex 100 Standard
Weight: 320 GSM grams per square meter; 1 yard weights about 500 grams per yard, (18 oz)
Width: 64" (160 cm)
Color: natural, un-dyed, unbleached

Fabric care: This fabric will shrink. Please do your own testing prior to cutting, by washing in hot water and tumble dry. 

Wash with like colors, warm water. Do not use softener or bleach; Preferably hang dry or flat dry. Remove promptly from dryer when done

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