Bamboo Muslin (Swaddle) Natural Fabric

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BAMBOO Organic Cotton Muslin / Swaddle / Gauze Woven Fabric Natural


Products made from our bamboo organic muslin enable moms and caregivers to comfort babies in the best way possible and babies to experience unbelievable, gentle protection and snuggle. Muslin is one of the purest, simplest, most gentle and breathable fabrics in the world. It's breathability is second to none. The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. This quality helps keep your baby comfortable and safe, resulting in your peace of mind. This swaddle fabric is double weaved, unbleached, un- dyed woven material.

This bamboo organic cotton muslin is also a very durable fabric, having the ability to withstand countless washes. Not to mention it gets even better and softer with age. The delicate yet durable muslin fabric is allowing a muslin swaddle to be tucked snugly around your baby without being overly restrictive.  You can make your own blanket or swaddle at a fraction of the price they are sold on retail stores as big as you wish that babies can't squirm out of them. 

This organic bamboo muslin is also perfect for wiping and cleaning your baby during feeding time they are great as lightweight bib, muslin squares, wraps, burp cloth, spit rags, swaddling and nursing blankets, pram blankets, or even nappies. Our silky soft muslin combines breathability and versatility with oh-so-soft viscose made from bamboo, making it the most luxurious fabric to use on your baby's delicate skin.

No matter if you're using it for swaddle-stroller cover, burp cloth or nursing cover, it surrounds your little one in comfy goodness round the clock. Our muslin it is super soft from the start and stays that way wash after wash. Overall, it will make parents' lives simpler, while comforting your baby in an organic and hypo-allergenic knit. This bamboo muslin is the softest, yet strongest fabric you can wrap your baby in. It will never irritate your baby the way some fabrics will. They’ll last and last wash after wash, so they’ll proudly be passed down from child to child.

Once you made your blankets, you can use them as covers when breastfeeding in public, protect your little one when playing on the ground, or as changing blankets or to shade baby from the sun the stroller or the car. They are more than just a blanket because you can use them for swaddling, stroller cover, a lightweight blanket, car seat cover, play mat, tummy time, nap time, nursing cover, receiving blanket, burp cloth, diaper changing mat, portable crib sheet and they make the perfect baby shower gift that's perfect every time! They will and provide just the right amount of warmth, breathability and silky softness your baby’s sensitive skin needs. Your baby will feel safe and secure in them.

Our super soft muslin is finely woven from OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified bamboo fibers and organic cotton yarns, providing gentle comfort,  when swaddling your child. 

Physicians recommend lightweight wraps to help prevent overheating and reduce the risk of SIDS.

Our bamboo muslin fabric is silky and much softer than cotton and cotton blend swaddles. Buy with confidence this wonderful organic bamboo fabric, Canada and US shipping locations, to minimize your costs.

 Cut from the bolt in my pet and smoke free studio. Multiple yardage available. For more than 6 yards, we can't guarantee the fabric will be flawless.

* Discounts* for bamboo organic cotton muslin

For 10+ yards, please check our wholesale section. 


Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% organic cotton
Weight: 120 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights approx 170 grams (approx 6 oz)
Width: 150 cm (59"); 
Color: natural, unbleached and undyed 
Made from OEKO-Tex 100 Standard & Control Union certified organic cotton and bamboo yarns on high efficiency knitting machines.
Sewing recommendations: ball point needle
The fabric will have some shrinkage, please test a sample in hot water and hot dry;

Do not use softener or bleach; remove promptly from dryer when done.


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