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Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric Natural Wholesale

Our bamboo organic cotton jersey knit fabric is an ultra soft and silky blend, but resilient. It drapes beautifully and is the perfect knit fabric for T-shirts, tops, beach cover-ups, underwear, lounge wear, swaddling blankets and much more!

Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey description

Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon 30% organic cotton

Weight: 185 GSM (grams per square meter); 1 linear yard weights about 295 grams (10 oz)
Width: 165 cm (66"), tubular or open end


* Discounts* wholesale bamboo cotton jersey fabric


10 yards  7.50
full bolt 6.95


Bamboo Organic Cotton Jersey characteristics

Discover the versatility of the bamboo blend jersey fabric! This eco-friendly material offers natural temperature regulation, moisture-wicking properties, bacteria & odor resistance, making it perfect for year-round wear.

This jersey is made from a natural fiber, being absorbent and breathable. Its strength  adds durability to the products sewn, and the round fiber works well for those with allergies. Even after multiple washes, our bamboo jersey maintains its softness.

The fabric meets the CPSIA flammability requirements for clothing, and it was not treated with any flame retardants. It is unbleached and it takes dye well.

For more than 10 yards, we can't guarantee the fabric will be in one continuous piece.

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