Drool Bib Small

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Why have your teething toddler wearing a big ugly bib or getting their outfit wet from drool, or even getting a drool rash? Try one of our Bib Bandanas. They will keep your little drooler dry and stylish!

Bamboo fabric is natural antibacterial, so it is the hygienic choice for your baby, too.

Let your baby look and feel wonderful by wearing a Bib Bandana:
Adjustable (two nickel-free snaps)
Length: 17.5 cm (7")
Neck circumference: 29.5cm/33 cm (11 ½"/13")
Fabric content: 70% bamboo rayon, 30% organic cotton 
Color: Natural
Trim color: green or brown

Made in Vancouver, Canada


Lisa L.: I have a teething baby, so the Drool Bib Bandana is so handy!

Lisa U: I love the drool bib bandana! What a great idea! And the sleep sacks has so many great features!