Organic Cotton Flannel Fabric

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Organic Cotton Flannel Fabric description

This medium weight basic flannel fabric, un-bleached and un-dyed, fuzzy on one side, plain weave on the other side. It takes dye well.

Flannel is extremely versatile, it is commonly used to make clothing, bed sheets, receiving blankets, lining for coats and jackets, sleepwear, washcloths, castor oil packs and much more!

Flannel fabric description

Fabric content: 100% organic cotton
Certified organic GOTS

Weight1 linear yard weights about 200 grams (7 oz); about 150 GSM
Width170 cm (60"), 

*Discounts* for 100% organic flannel fabric

For 10+ yards, please check our wholesale organic cotton flannel fabric listing. 

Flannel fabric characteristics 

This is the fabric to make ultra warm and heavenly bedding, while keeping a 100% organic environment while you're sleeping. Rest comfortable knowing that synthetics,  pesticides and herbicides never touched this fabric!

This Organic Cotton Flannel feels soft and fuzzy and it is very durable. The structure makes the fabric thicker than other fabrics with same GSM and more insulated, therefore it provides more warmth. The napping of this fabric enables it to easily retain heat, making it is extremely warm, and absolutely perfect for winter bedding.

It absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe". It is used for baby blankets, or quilts, both as backing and as batting in a lightweight summer baby quilt.

Please note that we cannot guarantee more than 6 yards in one piece. If you have specific requirements, please contact.

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