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Kinderel organic fabrics is a well established bamboo textile wholesaler, known for quality fabrics, fast delivery and prompt customer service.

Welcome to our fabric store!

We are proud to offer you a diverse range of bamboo fabric products wholesale.

Our fabric selection is from sustainable sources, being of a high quality.

The materials are done from natural fibers and they are biodegradable. 

As a wholesaler and importer, we offer large quantities at affordable prices.

Shop with confidence and piece of mind!

We have minimum order quantities as low as 6 yards of fabric rolls, being one of the most reliable and affordable organic fabric suppliers. 

Organic Bamboo Wholesale Fabrics:

  • 265 GSM organic bamboo fleece - OBF;
  • 400 GSM organic bamboo heavy fleece - HOBF;
  • 500 GSM organic bamboo super heavy fleece - SHOBF;
  • bamboo stretch fleece in natural, black, charcoal and aqua;
  • Charcoal bamboo fleece;
  • Organic bamboo velour - OBV in natural and black;
  • Organic bamboo heavy velour - HOBV;
  • Stretch French Terry, Natural, Heather dark grey or Black;
  • French Terry;
  • Baby terry;
  • Double Loop terry;
  • Stretch Jersey Natural, Black, Grey, Olive, Teal, Red, Tawny port, etc
  • Bamboo Jerseys;
  • Interlock in natural or black;
  • Muslin or Gauze

If you plan to order multiple bolts for the same fabric, contact us to discuss shipping options.

Quality Standards for bamboo fabrics wholesale 

Please note that the 6+ yards pieces may contain sampling holes, used to sample fabric for quality control tests, or other imperfections. We advise that the usable yardage is about 95%. No refunds or credits will be offered for the damaged fabric.

For full bolts, the fabrics are automatically measured on equipment that slightly stretches the bolts of fabric, therefore there may be a +/- 5% variation comparing to the loose yardage measurements.

Bamboo Textile Wholesale Shipping Info

We are a well known fabric wholesaler. We ship on a daily basis all Canadian orders. As well, we ship on a daily basis the US order which have selected as shipping "Expedite Parcel USA", using Canada Post or UPS, whichever has the fastest delivery time. USPS parcels ship two or three times a week.